Etery Sidyakina. Review.

Etery Sidyakina

Surrealist artist, @eterryble

"I started to work with Tempera not so long time ago, but since then gouache is one of my favorite media, I was pretty sure, that. I'd like to paint with Tempera too.

Once it dries, it looks like gouache (what I like) and the whole painting doesn't darken, doesn't turn yellow and doesn't change the tone in general. It was also easy to mix the colours, even a few days after the previous painting session.

Unlike oil paints, Tempera dries much faster, but still allows you to paint the artwork picturesquely. And unlike gouache, when painting in layers, the lower layer is not blurred. And if you draw a parallel with watercolours, then here these paints have something in common - if you add a little more water to Tempera, you can paint in glazing technique.
As for me, I consider Tempera as versatile medium, that allows you to work pasty, like with oils and create big detailed paintings, but also make fast sketches on any paper you have at hand».

Etery Sidyakina, May, 2021

Etery Sidyakina, May, 2021

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