When creating the palette, we paid special attention to the choice of shades, depth and purity of colours to provide artists with endless opportunities to mix their own shades. Thanks to the high light resistance of MASTER CLASS Tempera paints, the finished painting will retain its original colours for many years.

  • The paint is easily and quickly applied to the surface of the painting.
  • Thick consistency, very close to oil paints.
  • Tempera does not form a film on the surface of the picture, it dries evenly and quickly, the layers do not mix with each other. This characteristic of Master Class Tempera ensures the purity of the colour.
  • Available in 46 ml tubes.

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To date, the series offers 43 bright, saturated, opaque colours, including those with genuine cobalt and cadmium pigments. 34 of them are mono-pigment colours, 40 colours – with the highest lightfastness rating. Available in 46 ml tubes.

*Rebranding is underway at the moment and new colours have different labels but the recipes are remained unchanged.

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