tempera Review & quik sketches of a nude model.

Vyacheslav Korolenkov

Impressionist artist, @korolenkov_art

« I'm an impressionist artist. I paint pictures and teach painting at visiting master classes and in my online school of painting. I set a high standard for the quality and technique of painting. I paint feelings and emotions.

Tempera is my favorite material for sketches. I like to use it in the plein air, because it is water-based colours, no solvents are needed, all you need is paper or cardboard, Tempera and water, as in watercolour painting, and it is very convenient. Working in the studio, I also use primed canvases for Tempera painting. I like Tempera for its simplicity, stability, honesty, and versatility. It allows you to paint with dense, covering, broad strokes, to make the finest lines and patterns, and reminds me of watercolours when diluted with water. Colours after drying retain their original brightness for many years, do not become lighter, as in acrylic or gouache, do not darken or turn yellow, as it can happen with some oil paints.The paint layer is strong and resistant to damage, which makes it different from the classic gouache, which can crumble».

Vyacheslav's story about 10-minute Tempera sketches, demonstrations and tips

Vyacheslav Korolenkov, May, 2021

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